Swiss from Italian origin, I am an entrepreneur, a slasher who is free like the wind and adapting like a chameleon. 


Thanks to my rich career path. I have a curated address book as much as in the field of luxury, as the world of media, hotels, events, and charity. Never forgetting to stay in touch with every day people. 

I began my professional career at the age of 16 in the medical field. Then I worked in Paris for Roland Garros with the VIP clients and then a prestigious hotel.

I had the opportunity to be part of the team of “Aujourd’hui en France” which translates to “Today in France” a newspaper about the famous Tour de France bicycle race. 


Returning to Geneva, I established my concierge service for individuals and became co-founder of a monthly event highlighting fashion. 

As a model, I have appeared in a number of print advertising campaigns, video clips and fashion shows. I am also a speaker for public and private events. 

Communication is my strong point. I was a columnist and commentator on the morning show of a local radio where I shared with the listeners  “Barbara's Tips and Things To Do”.

In my every activities at the radio, I was in contact with the population of Geneva with a sidewalk show as well as representing the radio speaking in major events. 


I am an optimistic person that is full of life with great power of persuasion. 

I contribute to every project I work on with enthusiasm and professionalism with the goal to offer my clients optimal visibility utilizing all the resources from my network. 

Barbara Bertoli